The Odd Choices in programming

Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash
Photo by Franck V. on Unsplash


It was year 2015. It was final year of my post-graduation and everyone around me was either running behind JAVA or was trying to fit him/herself in some random Php-based food ordering project. Some were learning to survive in IT industry and some were just trying to survive the final semester project which we have to submit.

First year after getting out of college, I received words from everyone. Those who choose JAVA were really struggling. IT industry was looking for experienced and they had none. Those who learned Php got a job for sure but not the satisfaction.

Me? I went for HTML-CSS-jQuery combo. I got the 'Designer' tag for me.

And yes I did found a job. That one Odd choice I made and a little patience I had is really paying me back now. Sometimes you have to make odd choices. Not because you have to prove your worth or definitely not because you have to stay different from others.

You have to make such choices for challenging youself.

The REAL talk

HTML and CSS is the beginning of any web-app. For me, It was fun and satisfying as well, as you can litarally see the outcome of your hard work. Ofcourse, I learned in initial years of my career, but went deep later. CSS was amazing. For any given problem in design, it gives you so many options to do it differently, if you have right amount of knowledge of CSS.

The odd choice in here? - I went for jQuery and not the javascript.

CSS Ninjas were in demand at that time. But they are not respected much. Now with Full-Stack developers being in limelight, you are sort of labour if you are just doing HTML+CSS. Upon observing that, I went deep into jQuery. I failed many times as I was not getting anything done perfectly. My JavaScript was not rock solid. Every now and then I was stuck in some situation where extensive knowledge of JavaScript was required and what i had was not just enough.

I switched and went into a paradise; An organisation which was small scale but was using JavaScript in almost everything. I was introduced in one team where the entire project was just JavaScript. AJAX calls, JavaScript plugins, some really old-skool stuff. At the same time, JavaScript frameworks became quite popular. I didn't felt lucky, I felt blessed. I guess not choosing Php or JAVA in initial years of my career was now paying off.

Php guys still struggle with boredom. Almost every single project in Php is same. With countless Food ordering websites made in Php, there is hardly any kick left in Php.

Not just the project itself, under the hood it is all same. Same Loop conditions, same flow, same everything. "At this point, I wish I had something challenging in my life" - one of my 'Php' friend said.

Anyways, for me it didn't stop there. Every now and then, I pick up things which usually aren't picked by anyone else (or maybe they do but I haven't heard much about it, maybe). Like, everyone talks about Netlify and I found so many articles about it but none about AWS Amplify. So, I picked that and made this entire blog on AWS Amplify (pssst non-sponsored ad, AWS not paying me anything for it). And my list goes on. Selecting Nativescript over Ionic, SCSS over LESS or plain CSS, Amplify over Netlify.

I hate to be the usual. But there are plenty of other reasons to try stuff out in programming.

  • Give it a try when you are looking for things to be easier. SCSS makes it faster to write clean CSS. It points out your error on the go so you can not scratch your head when something is not working.
  • challenge yourself. If you think you got proficient in Ionic plus Angular, try Nativescript for a while. Compare and understand the gap in app's performance.
  • Help others. If you are true philanthropist, work on something new and help others.
  • Share the word. Pick some odd library, point the error on or maybe on your own blog.
  • Run with the flow. Technology is young and you never know when something new is picked by the world and you are left behind.

Thanks for reading

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